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Credit: r/astronomy u/noob astro

Under the glow
Of a violet night
The nightmare flow
Of a violent smite
The burning of
The distant fray
Where ancient night –
Is now born,

Hat tip: db cooper

IC 1275 >>



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Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO Production Team

Breaking its wavelength
Ghosting its sight
Bathing in brilliance
Is its moment, of might.

52,000 parsecs >>


Magna Three Now

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Credit: NASA: X-ray: Chandra (CXC), Optical: Hubble (STScI), Infrared: Spitzer (JPL-Caltech)

Falling in –
Spiraling in trails of wonder

Felled, into my inner deep blackness
Measured in years of light
And in streams of conscious awakening

I’m pulled through time
An inescapable reality
Into a now –
Of ever present

1054 >>


Zeroed Row

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Credit: NASA

A degradation signal
In a timescale shaking wave
Breaks its solar dominion
To cheat –
Its telemetry grave.

Hat Tip: RJHC

Voyager 1 >>



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Credit & Copyright: Douglas J. Struble (Future World Media)

A thread of heavens woven cloth
Enraptured with its might
A misty red and soggy froth
Captures – it’s true fight.

Spread and splashed with flowing haste
Throughout its mystic night
It asks for nothing from its host
To brave – its present plight.

Hat tip: William Butler Yates – “He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven”

Bok Globule >>



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Credit: SA/DLR/FU Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

Second perspectives
Of surface,

Elevates –

A respective
Tharsis wide,

Tithonium Chasmata >>



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Credit & Copyright: Giorgio Ferrari

Seas of red
Tides of change
Embeds its power
Through control –
Of range.

NGC 6914 >>


Deep First Field

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Credit: JWST

Into the darkness
Into the blind
Into the nothing
That shows you –
Its mind.

James Webb >>



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Credit & Copyright: Min Xie, Chen Wu, Yizhou Zhang, and Benchu Tang

Telescopic skyscapes
Flashing –
With rage

Define broken time shapes
Crashing –
Our stage.

Northern Cross >>


Bursted Echo

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Credit: NASA, ESA, H. E. Bond (STScI)

Screams of nature
Howling with rage
Shaking in anger
In a teeming –

V838 >>