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Credit: Ian Sharp

A second of wonder
A flicker of might
The eerie dark motion
That moves dawn into night.

The point of transcendence
When timed by sight
Recaptures the essence
That breaks dusk into light.

Daytime sky >>


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Credit: Dr. Don Goldman

within you
are a collision of views

and the spirits
of haze
are defined by their rage

in the moment
when it’s realized
what they do.

PK 111 + 11.1. >>

local horizon

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Credit: HiRISE, MRO, LPL (U. Arizona), NASA

deep in the dark
distant shadows
where the search
for our origin
stays hidden,
we uncover a cache
of new questions
but no answers
about why
it’s forbidden.

Seasonal frost line >>


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Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA; Processing & Copyright: Davide Coverta

Sensing the anguish
Feeling the strain
Finding an answer to why
There is pain.

Seeing no wisdom
No reason, no gain
We seek then an answer
For why we remain.

Hundred Million Year Collision >>

eastern veil

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Credit & Copyright: Bob and Janice Fera

Looking out
And then in
An arc of vision
So thin
It curves in motion
And spin
To shade our essence
Of sin.

225:180:21:21:21 minutes >>

dusted edge

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Credit & Copyright: Al Howard

Rising high
Through the night
An arcing contact
Shines so bright
And bears a witness
Through its sight
A closing angle
To the light.

NGC 1333 >>

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