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Warming action in ancient seas

Where water is free

To be.

Weathered targets burnt and reamed

Where ice is sworn

To be.

Wishing in astonishment

Where She is sure,

To be.


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Credit: NASA / JPL

Dogs in winter
wince in sound
grimace in hunger
with fists to the ground.

Dogs in summer
whip and scream
glare in paralisis
too tough to be seen.

Dogs in anger
with white hot dreams
want to be able
to make junkyard teams.

Blue Hue

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The long ride home
Resides in riding the waves
The floods and tides
The gravitational pulls
Of an apocalyptic blue.

The long trip home
Never seems long in distance
Never bends back to wonder
On its wishful dreams
Of an uncharacteristic truth.

The long wish home
The failure of gravity
The destruction of attraction
Never to be seen as one
In a characteristic blue view.

Dusty lights

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Credit: Magellan / Carnegie Observatory

Champagne images reflect
The tireless human attempt
To defy the sublime
To advance the likeliness
Of heavens reach.

Celebration images detect
The wonder of human emotions
To find truths
To unlimit reason
And secure the opening of heaven’s gate.

Challenging images protect
The silence of reasons emptiness
To a priori equations
To linear thoughts
And to the limitless expectations of heaven’s realities.


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Credit: Hubble Heritage

False color flotations drift upwards
Out of visions light
Into sightless wonder and dreams
Into the pure satiation of extremes
To marvel at a vision
Of nothing.

True color images drift downwards
Into a world of meaning
Out of confusion
Out of fear of retribution
To marvel as a witness
To something.

Neutral color images drift backwards
Slowly changing meaning
Into beauty
Into passion
To marvel at the prism
Of wondering.

The Trail of Trials

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Insert your mind
With new mental ranges
Make sure that your
Open to changes.

Open your heart
To the suffering of others
Then you’ll be
Sisters and brothers.

Listen to knowledge
Without quickly judgeing
Then understand
Your all strangers.


Hyper Surfing

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At speeds in the millions
Of miles per hour
Human hybrid eyes
Surf the waves
Of our galaxy.

The moon Hyperion
Graces us with
Its Presence
Its Majesty
Its wave of Magnificence.


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First, let it go.
Second, don’t be proud.
Third, write it down.
Finally, shout it loud.

Next, when she whispers
Then, listen good
When, life encounters
God’s neighborhood.

If, you are nervous
If, you succomb
If, your distrustful
Then, you’ll be done.

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