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Credit & Copyright: Alessandro Cipolat Bares

Telescopic views
Of complex hues
Shade true –
In their characteristic,

Corona Australis >>



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Credit & Copyright: Stephen Kennedy

In the depths of the dark, are secrets that lie,
A predator lurks, with an unblinking eye.
Sleekness and power, prowling so deep,
The blackness of majesty –
The nightmare of creep.

Its silent and stealthy, as it glides through the black
A symbol of grace, a blunt force, that shouts back.
It slashes and cuts, through the darkness, with might,
Instilling it’s awe –
A magnificent sight.

In stature and legend, is whispered with dread,
Its danger and wisdom, in a meaning not spread.
A vision of nature, shaped hard by design,
A marvel to history –
It’s both feared and sublime.

King of Aethiopia >>


Caput Cauda

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Credit & Copyright: Gianni Lacroce

Are we driven
To be a god
The play the tempter
To bend the odd?

Are we captured
Are we trod
Are we real
Or a forced facade?

Serpens >>


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