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Credit: Rolf Olsen

Streaks, of pure color
Reaching out,
From the night

Invites, our wild dreams
To be bold,
And take flight

To reach, the last mystery
In the cold,
Of dark light

We find, the first spark
In the heart,
Of God’s sight.

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Credit: NASA’s GSFC, SDO AIA Team

Gravity’s strength
Expands and decays
By sharpening its will
To define its true waves.

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ionization front

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Credit: Martin Pugh

Masking black with color
We see our visions new
We seek the hidden wonder
To find what must be true.

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Credit: X-ray – NASA / CXC / Caltech / P.Ogle et al., Optical – NASA/STScI, IR – NASA/JPL-Caltech, Radio – NSF/NRAO/VLA

An anomalous feature
Deliberately designed
Defines the dark creature
Inside –
Of time’s mind.

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