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Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Spitzer Space Telescope

Arcing interstellar bow waves
Grind themselves
Releasing their innocence
Deterring a hated future of insecurity
Rapidly unleashing a forgotten energy
Slowly, blending unseen colors
Derive a fancy, forgotten sound
Determined to unseal a magic
A moment of instant clarity
A burst of energetic wonder
And a known end to an unknown moment
Searching for meaning
Wishing for guidance
On a path to relevance.

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Credit: Image Data: Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Hubble Space Telescope,
Additional Color Data and Processing: Robert Gendler

Streaky luminous shock waves
From a bright blue light

Finds a newfound homeland
In a dark silhouetted

V380 Orionis >>


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Credit: simonsfoundation.org

A hard cardinal number
Of infinite shape and

Is an imaginary window
Into a true mathematical

One-to-One correspondance >>

cepheid variable

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Credit: Data – Hubble Legacy Archive, ESA, NASA; Processing – Roberto Colombari

The vision variable
In the far away, near
Reaps a measured distance
In an attempt, to be clear.

The voraciousness value
Of a distant, frontier
Releases a measured vision
As a light, reflected year.

“Anemic” >>

52 Cygni

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Credit: Martin Pugh (Heaven’s Mirror Observatory)

Cataclysmic moments
Of freighting
Strength and zeal

Delivers the after forever
Re-branding a collapsed stars

Veil Nebula >>

theoretical edifice

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Credit: NASA Goddard Space FlightCenter/AP

a gamma ray beacon
traveling by wave
details a curious question
of how dark energy
can behave.

20 hours >>


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Credit: Purple Crow Lidar

A cascading downward ion
Behind a scaling mesosphere
Decreases its wavelength energy
By denying its gravitational fear.

Gravitation Waves >>


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Credit: A. Fabian (IoA Cambridge) et al., NASA

Twenty million light years
Of ancient questions sought
Deliver old found promises
Of apocalyptic thought.

“Skull” >>


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A sense of space
A sense of time
A wondrous vision
Of collective soul,
That shines.

Backlit shadows >>


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Credit: backreaction.blogspot.com

Stronger interactions
Of fundamental fields
Describe confinement binders
Of prototypic yields.

Weaker chain attractions
Unveils what is concealed
By driving gluon anger
To divide its quarky shield.

QCD >>

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