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Credit & Copyright: Vikas Chander

Pervasive flow
From a waving ripple
Marks the region
Of a wavelength trickle

Reveals its wrath –
In a rhythmic sickle.

Hind’s Variable Nebula >>



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Credit: Credit & Copyright: Thomas Röell

Recaptured, electrons
Hypothecated, forays
Reimagined, rejoinders
From a definitional, display.

No fire.. >>


Eleon Ice

March 3rd, 2023 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA

Darkening nights around me
Where chill of winter blows
A cold of quick surrounds me
Impeding the thought to go

Its creeping mental picture
Lies bare beneath the snow
A brewing storm descending
That opens – my void below.

Hat tip: Emily Brontë, Spellbound

Protostar Ced 110 IRS 4 >>


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