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Credit & Copyright: Bray Falls

Prominent glows
Of electron shows
Strike the ionized atoms –
Of re-configured

California >>


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Image Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstäd/Seán Doran

Rivers –

Of swirling air
Envelope our visions
And enrapture our dreams

Evolving –

To be a witness
To moving layers
Of shadow streams.

Pop—ups >>


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Credit & Copyright: Chuck Ayoub

Energized rims
Of collapsing detail
Re-forms a new boundary
Through its radiated, veil.

The cave..>>


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Credit & Copyright: Tian Lee

A brightening edge folds itself –

From the nothing
Into something
From the darkness
Into light
From the shadow
Into showing

The ancient spark,
Of burning night.

NGC 6188 >>


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Credit: ESA, Hubble, R. Sahai (JPL), NASA

Defined by light
A sense, refined
A spectacular vision
Through a form –
Of mind.

IRAS 05437+2502 >>

Cosmic Smoke

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Credit & Copyright: J-P Metsavainio (Astro Anarchy)

Ghosts of color
Remnent shine
Spans a mosaic
Wraithlike spine.

Cygnus Shell >>

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