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Credit: NASA / Space Science Institute

Termination shock
Of the nufarious kind
Enlists pure hatred
In the dark of deep time.

Termination border
With dark notions to find
Are alive with devotion
And deep morals to grind.

Termination constant
And the Terror in mind
Is eclipsed by pure treason
With deep quarrals to mine.


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Credit: NASA / JPL

Brilliant Rigel
Tough to trace
Entrapped in ether
But built with grace.

Sensitive Rigel
With a pensive face
Is the enraptured desire
To conquer space.

Estimated Constants

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Credit: NASA /JPL

Estimated gravity
With a passionate glare
Are estimated moments
Within a curious stare.

Estimated moments
Where a notion is rare
Is when suspicions are constant
And decisions unfair.

Estimated romance
On a furious tear
Shares passionate moments
With deep burdons to bear.

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Become alive
Give you soul a ride
Wake the hymns of Babylon
Wake the God, inside.

Make me whisper
Make me cry
Sing the songs of Abraham
Ask that He, be denied.


Stalking Moon

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Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Cry on my shoulder
Dear Mimas
Wither in your weakness
Wake me from my dream.

Weep in the raindrops
Dear Mimas
Watch me in my dream
Try not to be seen.

Wallow in your wishes
Dear Mimas
Whisper from the distance
What’s discovered, in this instant.

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Titillating Titan awakes
Tissue tearing terrain makes
Irregular whiskers
Irregular chemical lakes.

Terrestial methane channels
Tactically tough
Irrational vanishing
Irreversibly rough.

Tacitly Titan dreams
Tenderly unwrapped
Inevitable discovery
Incredibly mapped.


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