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Credit: NASA/JPL/UArizona

We motion our intentions
We marshal through our minds
We take inferred abstentions
From the things –
We fear to find.

Uzboi Vallis >>



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Credit & Copyright: Rolando Ligustri (CARA Project, CAST)

a loss of place
a purposed thread
a brightened black
a dust of red

a distant towards
a splash of ink
a bright forever
a touch of blink

a loss of soul
a dark of mind
a now awake
a will to find.

Comet ATLAS C/2019 Y4 >>


Hat Tip: Ivy Davenport: “Gone”



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Evaporated materials
Eviscerating winds
Evacuated, memories
Of a consciousness, within.

Thermal pulse >>



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Credit & Copyright: Greg Gurdak

The undiscovered character
Of wide-field scenes –
Reveals its splash of variable



Layer Luminosity

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Credit: Judy Schmidt;

Forging, our endless bright shine
Beaming, from a lights ancient blend
Breaking, from our past of decline
Preventing our now, from its then

Reclaiming, our dark shorn design
Receiving, a signal to send
We flow a old light of new hope
From a path, to a past, that ascends

Amid, our flash soul worn divine
Of a now, which we now comprehend
A forever, comes rupturing through
Through a rapture, of what now, can transcend.

NGC 1275 HST+CXO >>


Darked Canvas

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Credit & Copyright: Casey Good

Obscured in clouds
In dense, black paint
Of cosmic waves
In cold restraint
Forever, faints
Obscure old tides
In hidden shrouds
Of emboldened strides.

vDB 155 >>


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