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Credit: Nasa

Man made precision
Can often be seen
In deep specualtion
Of a galant dark dream.

Man’s bright new vision
Can often relate
To deep speculation
Of a dreamers mind quake.

Man’s time of coming
Is now more than then
In speculation constant
A Stardust of whim.

Venetia Phair

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The nameing of Pluto
Remains one of the most beautiful
Of real humanity.

Did you know
Her Great Uncle named other heavenly bodies
Phobos and Deimos
Of Mars.

Real dreams
Of humanities beauty.

The Thinker

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Credit: CICLOPS/Space Science Institute

A simple click trick
With an elegent flair
Is deception risque
On a tumultuous dare.

A tricky quick notion
With a desparate glare
Is temptation passe’
With a vision for flair.

A slick prickle statement
In a nufarious stare
Is sensation run amok
On the location of where.

Beauty naturale

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Credit: CICLOPS/Space Science Institute

What is the shade
Of Jupiter orange
What is its essence
In Nature?

Where is the beauty
Of Jupiter’s whisper
What is its science
Or Nature?

Why is the silence
Of Jupiter’s heaven
Such that our minds
Betray Nature?

When will the essence
Of true understanding
Simply raise blinders
To Nature?


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Credit: CICLOPS/Space Science Institute

Arcs of remembrance challenge us
In ways
Never before dreamed
Never before sighted
Never wished
Only Imagined.

Arcs of conscious remembrance
Watch us
Never to be told
Never watched
Never understood
Only Imagined.

Arcs of simple explanations
Combine us
Never to be old
Never dismissed
Never reasoned out
Only Imagined.

Where am I?

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