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Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team

blue speck glitter
unrefined and unkempt
insolent by design
unchallenged in time

discovers its red dot existence
unknown and misunderstood
a certain sublime
of a logically negative sign.

Hickson Compact Group 92 >>>


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Credit: NASA / SPACE X

within the crack
of the dragon’s fire
we reach the moment
of our desperate desire
and touch the edge
of what to, we aspire.

Snared >>>

innermost pass

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Credit: Dr. Mark A. Garlick

space-art.co.uk – All Rights Reserved

The silence in sound
Shrouds an ancient ground
Untouched and sublime
Unmoved, in our time
Ever reaching
To touch
The profound.

Gilese 876 >>>


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Credit: NASA/JPL Space Science Institute

an increased reduction
in the motion of mass
details the construction
of a theoretical

C Ring >>>

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