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Credit: French, A. P. Special Relativity. New York: W W Norton & Co., 1968. p 190

burning structures
into fuel
becomes a living tool
for motion
and volume
by making distance problems
a completely misunderstood

10 million seconds >>>


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Credit: String Theory by Marcia Smilack

Consciousness mirrors
A swift message to find
A thought running quicker
Down an emotionally sharp spine.

Consciousness moments
Slowly seeks to combine
A modern day moral
With a unique movement sign.

Motions & Emotions >>>


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Credit: MPL 3D

The frightening chaos
of the known
is grown
in the fascinating delusion
of home.


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Credit: NASA/JPL/JHUAPL/Brown University

Concentric new troughs
With a narrow intent
Consign their true fates
By not being not bent.

Concentric old thoughts
Is nonsensically sent
To conscript the old knowledge
Where ever it just went.

Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) >>>

remnant wave

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Credit: NRAO/AUI and Michael Bietenholz, York University

Of light and time
Magically thus remind
Of a wonderful kind
Of wisdom
Understood by
A celestial

Filament structures >>>

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