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Credit & Copyright: Andrew Campbell

Somehow, color the night comes
and rises dark and calm

I can see, a sight – a floating white
in the amber, of a past respond

With flowing motion, back, behind
on an angle, its purpose bond

Oh, to see it, trailing away
towards the great, unfathomable, beyond.

Ship’s Keel >>


Hat Tip: L.L. Barkat – “Estrella”

von Neumann

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Credit: inspirehep.net

Differing orders
Of multiplicity scales
Leads to systematic shifts
Within a transverse –
Of trails.

Proton entanglement >>



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Credit: NASA, ESA, STScI

Unexpectedly, symmetrical
And unusually, complete
An outflow,
Beams syntactical
As its symbiots –

Bipolar hourglass >>


Crucis Gamma

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Credit & Copyright: Carlos Fairbairn

Deep, outside oceans
Hiding, cowered in their secret caves
Alone, quiet, lurking
Riding –
The darkness, of their waves

Calmly, the frozen present
Glides, along as a time shunned slave
As a vessel of empty
Writhing –
Into an extant chaos, forever, depraved

Interspersed, amongst the sprits
Life, listens, along a spectrum shaved
And prays, for new awareness
Diving –
Into the blackness, of their graves.

To the Southern Cross >>


Hat Tip: Nathaniel Hawthorne – “The Ocean”


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Credit: Astrobin.com

Of darkness
Of heat


Colin S. Gum >>


Cederblad Three

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Credit: Dr. Don Goldman – Astrodonimaging.com

Bright and lonely
Yearning for instinct
Brave, volatile
Receiving inputs
In an output led existence
Screaming, for an identity
Within a consciousness
Of attempted being.

RA(J2000) >>



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Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA – Processing: Stephen Byrne

Accumulated, mirror errors
Within a variable, device
Calibrates, it’s own re-certainty
A periodicity, of un-precise.

Cosmic distance ladder >>


Two Forty Nine

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Credit & Copyright: Data – Steve Milne & Barry Wilson, Processing – Steve Milne

Ridges, of emission
Within a remnant, of fate
Becomes faint,
And elusive,
As a timeless free, gate.

Jellyfish >>



February 16th, 2019 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: Ignacio Diaz Bobillo

Wing like winds
Wonder, and glide
Whispering, wishes
Through its wonderland –

Wolf Rayet >>



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Credit & Copyright: Tapio Lahtinen

Intriguing, silhouettes
Of shadow, pirouettes
Cold themes
By exposing,
Feared dreams
Through the darkness
Of its silent

Lynds’ Dark Nebula >>


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