Designation R

February 17th, 2024 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: Olivier Bernard & Philippe Bernhard

A silence deep in glowing caves
Is never quite alone
It wonders in its quiet waves
To race and run from home.

Its spirts shine within the deep
To find a common stare
It shields us from a truth so steep
For how we see unfair.

Our deepest threat, our deepest care,
Is unique at each owns grave
Our silent screams are muted there,
Where fate, outruns, its wave.

NGC 2237 >>

Hat Tip: “The Ocean” by Nathaniel Hawthorne



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Credit & Copyright: Alistair Symon

futher more
surfaced in reflecting gloss –

just beneath
just as real,
as though
a drop
fell full,
into a glass
into a mix
of color –

lost in its intensity
it’s life and the pain
that draws our beauty out.

Seagull to California >>


Hat Tip – “Eyes” by Some Person, 2014



January 20th, 2024 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble; Processing: H. Bond (STScI), R. Ciardullo (PSU), Forrest Hamilton (STScI)

Emerging –
From deep beyond
Cycling through,
The flow of you
Is how, the whole, responds.

NGC 2440 >>


Silicon Blue

December 23rd, 2023 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: William Ostling, Telescope Live

Rejected emissions
Insure, in the end
That the beginning
Of now-frames
Will return –
To transcend.

IC 1805 >>


Gliding Ray

December 2nd, 2023 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: Vikas Chander

The sky is calm
The tide is far
Upon its crested, dark reservoir.

A line of spray
A blanched, mist scar
Reflects its creased, gilded white char.

At point return,
And high point bar
We see its depth –
Time’s true, repertoire.

LBN 86 >>


Hurtado Rio

July 29th, 2023 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: Daniel Stern

Designing an energy
Defined, by its grace
Combines, a deep knowledge
Refined –
To displace.

South of Scorpius >>



June 25th, 2023 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: Alessandro Cipolat Bares

Telescopic views
Of complex hues
Shade true –
In their characteristic,

Corona Australis >>



June 16th, 2023 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: Stephen Kennedy

In the depths of the dark, are secrets that lie,
A predator lurks, with an unblinking eye.
Sleekness and power, prowling so deep,
The blackness of majesty –
The nightmare of creep.

Its silent and stealthy, as it glides through the black
A symbol of grace, a blunt force, that shouts back.
It slashes and cuts, through the darkness, with might,
Instilling it’s awe –
A magnificent sight.

In stature and legend, is whispered with dread,
Its danger and wisdom, in a meaning not spread.
A vision of nature, shaped hard by design,
A marvel to history –
It’s both feared and sublime.

King of Aethiopia >>


Caput Cauda

June 4th, 2023 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: Gianni Lacroce

Are we driven
To be a god
The play the tempter
To bend the odd?

Are we captured
Are we trod
Are we real
Or a forced facade?

Serpens >>


White Oval

May 27th, 2023 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS; Processing & License: Kevin M. Gill

Before the break of swirling storm
Brighting, terror, the screams of warm
Arches staining the broken sky
The subtle, non-asked, that questions why

In air thats fills with wings for flight
Shrilling, bands of loud delight
Comes foreboding, a sorrows cry
Demanding, a will, to non-comply.

Hat tip: “Before the Breath of Storm” – Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

Jupiter >>


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