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Credit: Credit & Copyright: Thomas Röell

Recaptured, electrons
Hypothecated, forays
Reimagined, rejoinders
From a definitional, display.

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Striking Blue

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Credit & Copyright: Stefan Thrun

Seven sisters, in the sky
Shining bright, for all to spy
A cluster of, stars so fair
Guiding visions, everywhere.

In ancient times, they were a guide
For sailor, soldier, and and those who bide
Their light in winter, shining clear
A beacon of hope, drawing near.

So let us look, up to the sky
And see the Seven, Sisters rise
A reminder of, the beauty there
The infinite expanse, place we share.

Hat tip: ChatGPT – OpenAI

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Credit & Copyright: Bernard Miller

Firm in its grasp
The monster rages, again
Lurking inside
The formless darkness, within.

It’s never quite silent,
And never quite sound,
It’s always just lurking
To drag us right down.

It’s just so overwhelming
As we can barely breathe,
Fighting for nothing,
With no possible reprieve.

So the monster, its got us
We are deep, in its clutch
We try, to break free
But are locked, by its touch.

Hat Tip: “The Monster Inside” by Sarah Langton

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Spike Diffraction

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Credit: Joseph DePasquale (STScI), Anton M. Koekemoer (STScI), Alyssa Pagan (STScI)

Roar & shake –
Fires in the air
Angry clouds so deep

Meek, in its perilous path
Keeping course –
In the valley of unique.

The perilous path given –
In colored rivers of sky
Broken cliffs and springing streaks

Onto the bleached, sprayed relief
Where raging visions –

Hat tip: “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” – William Blake

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Credit & Copyright: Adriano Almeida

Crossing our constants
And the transforming
Of sky

Whispers its wisdom –
As a solution
To why.

The Seduction of Leda >>


Magna Three Now

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Credit: NASA: X-ray: Chandra (CXC), Optical: Hubble (STScI), Infrared: Spitzer (JPL-Caltech)

Falling in –
Spiraling in trails of wonder

Felled, into my inner deep blackness
Measured in years of light
And in streams of conscious awakening

I’m pulled through time
An inescapable reality
Into a now –
Of ever present

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Credit & Copyright: Douglas J. Struble (Future World Media)

A thread of heavens woven cloth
Enraptured with its might
A misty red and soggy froth
Captures – it’s true fight.

Spread and splashed with flowing haste
Throughout its mystic night
It asks for nothing from its host
To brave – its present plight.

Hat tip: William Butler Yates – “He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven”

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Credit & Copyright: Giorgio Ferrari

Seas of red
Tides of change
Embeds its power
Through control –
Of range.

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Credit & Copyright: Min Xie, Chen Wu, Yizhou Zhang, and Benchu Tang

Telescopic skyscapes
Flashing –
With rage

Define broken time shapes
Crashing –
Our stage.

Northern Cross >>


Bursted Echo

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Credit: NASA, ESA, H. E. Bond (STScI)

Screams of nature
Howling with rage
Shaking in anger
In a teeming –

V838 >>


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