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Credit & Copyright: Bray Falls

I pierce – through my center
And pry – in unknowns
As I seek – my unsomethings
And think – all alone.

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Credit: Bray Falls

Pause, just a moment
For that junction, of true
Knowing, what you see
Is that moment, for you

Take, a shallow breath
And closely listen, to me
As my words, are the question
That tells me, what you see

Hark, my cold words
Within the symbols, I write
Where that sliver, of a mind
Becomes the shadow, of light

The concepts, that I see
And the visions, I show
Are still, not quite here
And neither real, nor unknown.

IC 1805 >>


Hat Tip: Cassia “The Key to my Mind”



November 24th, 2018 § 0 comments § permalink

Credit & Copyright: Bray Falls

Prominent glows
Of electron shows
Strike the ionized atoms –
Of re-configured

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