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Credit & Copyright: Sébastien Gozé

A thought within the void
A past within a dream
A future from a present
And a hope –
From the extreme.

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eroded pillar

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Credit & Copyright: Steve Cannistra (StarryWonders)

Cutoff from a center
Removed from its home
Left drifting – into nowhere
Is a soul
Forced to roam.

NGC 7822 >>

haunting flare

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Credit & Copyright: Thomas Lelu

Lurking in the darkness
Hiding from the light
Drifts a knowledge constant
That shades its wrong –
From right.

vDB 141 >>

embedded field

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Credit & Copyright: Federico Pelliccia

Through the eye
Of our history
We struggle to free,
The presence of meaning
From the answers,
We see.

PHA’s >>


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Credit & Copyright: Maurice Toet

One’s gravitational fence
Is often condensed
By a measure
Of our spiritual

Predator apparition >>

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