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Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), F. O. Alves et al.

A gravitized center
In binary form

Spins a radius, orbit
Into a filament –

Atacama Large Millimeter Array >>


Bright Galactic

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Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, ESO, Amateur Data; Processing & Copyright: Robert Gendler & Roberto Colombari

Masking via motion
Moving offset night
Magnificent – interactions
From a spiritual,
Sunset light.

NGC 4303>>



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Credit: ESO / Digitized Sky Survey 2.
Acknowledgments: Davide De Martin.

Dreams, which are not
Of a brightness, extinguished
Wondering in eternal space
Without a path, or hope, or plan
Blacked, by the sheath of stealth
Coming on the edge of morning, surrendered.

Ophiuchus >>


Hat Tip: Lord Byron’s “Darkness”


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Credit: ESO/A. Müller et al.

The sights of creation
The songs, of light streams
Is a sign of causation
And the art –
In our dreams.

PDS 70>>

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