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Credit & Copyright: Rolando Ligustri (CARA Project, CAST)

a loss of place
a purposed thread
a brightened black
a dust of red

a distant towards
a splash of ink
a bright forever
a touch of blink

a loss of soul
a dark of mind
a now awake
a will to find.

Comet ATLAS C/2019 Y4 >>


Hat Tip: Ivy Davenport: “Gone”


Baryon Third

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Credit: CERN / LHCb via Business Insider
Motions, of measure
Form, from a field
Predicting, existence
From a stronger force –

Pentaquarks >>


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Credit & Copyright: Tommaso Stella

Influences –
Of luminous radiation
Within proportional emissions
Of a flowing bow

Combines a character –
A framed rim transformation
Within a focused soul
Of a ghostly now.

gamma Cas >>


Mass Fraction

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Credit: Hubble Space Telescope/NASA

Measurement, discrepancies
Observationally, imprecise

Evolve into uncertainty
A constraint –
That’s un-concise.

Series of errors >>


Pulse Identity

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Packets of waves
Traveling, through time
Exchanges, information
Through a temporal –

Shaped photons >>



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Credit: Bray Falls

Pause, just a moment
For that junction, of true
Knowing, what you see
Is that moment, for you

Take, a shallow breath
And closely listen, to me
As my words, are the question
That tells me, what you see

Hark, my cold words
Within the symbols, I write
Where that sliver, of a mind
Becomes the shadow, of light

The concepts, that I see
And the visions, I show
Are still, not quite here
And neither real, nor unknown.

IC 1805 >>


Hat Tip: Cassia “The Key to my Mind”



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Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Spitzer Space Telescope, 2MASS

Because we could not stop to die
Death did not stop for me;
The stars hold true a measured cloak
Of pure passivity.

We slowly wake, and see a truth
That makes a stark reveal;
That time and prescience cannot hide
Our raw, mortality.

Two Micron All Sky Survey >>


Hat Tip: Emily Dickinson‘s “The Chariot Poem”


force fifth

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The force of true nature
Compounded, by strange
Compels, a dark notional
Consciousness, range.

The force of dark motion
Within, a non change
Distills, a guiding energy
A measured physical, exchange.

Dark photons >>


E=MC2/Z (Z = consciousness)



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Sequenced, continued spectrals
Evolves, a convective white hue

Degenerating its carbon
Core matter,

To reflect –
Its type magnitude

Alpha Canis Minoris >>



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The particle of N
With the energy of D
Multiplies, its probability
Within a vacuum
Of E.

Before time? >>


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