Descent Imager

July 6th, 2006 § 2 comments

Credit: ESA/NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Pinball ping landings, on foreign terrain
Acomplishes knowledge
With an energy gain.

Fortune ball seekers, quite clearly insane
Chart impossible paths
Within Einstein’s domain.

Seekers of fortunes, and heavenly remains
Can find a new outpost
On a fresh Titan plain.

Huygens Landing (updated) >>>

§ 2 Responses to Descent Imager"

  • QUASAR9 says:

    hmmm … my drift is that string theory can only presume to ‘map’ what is. You cannot map that which does not exist in physics, like some ‘bogus’ pirates’ treasure map. But ultimately what ST can or will map & plot is the 3D Universe as we know it, with galaxies as strings (open or looped( depending from which angle they are viewed, and Stars (Suns), planets + moons, the electrons, protons, neutrons, gravitons and fermyons, orbiting these suns or stars …

  • J. M. Wingfield says:

    “presume” being the curx of it. Sometimes I go mad thinking that we know so little…..I appreciate your comments.

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